The Fakeover

Offering services on an hourly consulting basis to give you tips and suggestions on how to update/upgrade your existing space if a complete remodel is not something you are interested in presently. This may include strategic placement of a wall painted with an accent color, a new back splash design, new hinges/handles, or modifying just a few of your cabinets to accommodate new appliances… The goal of the “fakeover” is to make the most of your existing furnishings, fixtures and equipment with the least amount of disruption to your life while getting the biggest bang for your buck whether you are selling or staying in your home.

Space Planning

Boyle Design does an extensive lifestyle assessment which includes understanding the needs and wants of the client while taking into consideration the long and short term goals of the property owner and their physical abilities. Establishing aesthetic goals, inventory existing items to be reused, offering visual references for conceptual development, and creating preliminary layouts, floor plans and elevations. We finish by presenting a design package which is a presentation of potential materials for the project.

Design Development

Design Development phase takes Space Planning and Programming to the next level. We take your designs from the conceptual schematic phase, to the creation of detailed plans and elevations. Boyle Design can then finalize material selections and specifications so bids can be acquired at the owner’s request.

Project Administration

Overseeing the life of the project from conception through completed construction and move-in. Creating the project schedule alongside you and the General Contractor, creating construction documents in order to get permits, meeting with you along with the various contractors involved, answering questions before the project begins in order to make sure your job is completed in a timely fashion and done in a professional manner. If desired, Sarah Boyle/Boyle Design can be the liaison between you and the General Contractor so you only have one point of contact making decisions on your behalf, when necessary, to insure you have minimal disturbance during the life of the remodel.